09/12/2009 - by Travis
2007/10/08 -- So, looks like it's time to release ipacgui, a GUI front-end for ipacutil. It's essentially beta quality and ready for some additional testing. Here's a screen shot:

Also coming hopefully soon is an updated PS/2 version which hopefully doesn't require rebuilding the kernel.

Finally, I started a little work on supporting the PACDrive. It's very early, but looks like it shouldn't be too difficult.

Any feedback on the USB version of ipacutil would be great -- even if it's working great. I have only been able to test I-PAC2/4 since those are the boards I have.

I just placed the tar.gz ipacgui package up here. I haven't taken the time to add an installer yet, but I will do so shortly. This should work for temporary usage:
1) untar the package
tar -xzf ipacgui_0_3.tar.gz
2) That should have created an ipacgui_0_1 directory in the current directory. Find the executable in there
cd ipacgui_0_3/
3) Start the program

Current Development
GUI for USB I-PACs: You'll need the ipacutil package as well.
Note: version 0.1 had a bug where reading some config files failed
Note: version 0.3 fixed a save-as/new bug as well as some warning messages
 - Oct 13, 2007: I-PAC GUI 0.3 (tar.gz)
 - Oct 13, 2007: I-PAC GUI 0.3 (Debian/Ubuntu Package)
 - Oct 12, 2007: I-PAC GUI 0.2 (tar.gz)
 - Oct 08, 2007: I-PAC GUI 0.2 (Debian/Ubuntu Package)

Command line version for USB I-PACs: this supports IPAC2/IPAC4/IPAC VE/MiniPac VE.
Note: version 0.4 fixed problems detecting new boards
Note: version 0.5 includes more cleanup (suggest using this version for now)
Note: version 0.6 includes some new config files contributed by Michael S.G. and a few cleanups
Note: version 0.7 now reads the board type from the config file so if -c is used, -t is not necessary
- Feb 21, 2012: IPACUTIL USB 0.7 (tar.gz)
- Feb 15, 2012: IPACUTIL USB 0.6 (tar.gz)
- Feb 8, 2012: IPACUTIL USB 0.5 (tar.gz)
- Feb 7, 2012: IPACUTIL USB 0.4 (tar.gz)
 - Sep 20, 2007: IPACUTIL USB 0.2 (tar.gz) / Debian Package (i386)
 - Sep 09, 2007: IPACUTIL USB 0.1 (tar.gz)

Old Development
These files are here only for those who might have old boards. They will only work with 2.4 and older Linux kernels and very old I-PAC2s.
If you want to use this with 2.6 kernels and old I-PACs, you'll need a kernel patch and need to define ARCH_OTHER in the makefile (and comment out ARCH_I386). See Adrian Montero's website for more information. A big thanks to Adrian.
Command line version:
 - Mar 18, 2002: IPACUTIL 0.25 (tar.gz)
 - Mar 14, 2002: IPACUTIL 0.24 (tar.gz)

GUI (Gnome) version:
 - gIPAC 0.1b (tar.gz) - coming soon